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This is the place to post news about electro-rock bands, talk about your favorite electro-rock bands, and for you to promote your own electro- rock band!
16 volt, all is well, ana voog, apparatus, atari teenage riot, atom & his package, babyland, berlin, betty's trash, bile, billy idol, bis, bisquick bitch, bjork, blondie, bloodhound gang, bol, brainiac, brassy, butter 08, cardigans, chemlab, christ analouge, cibo matto, cky, collide, corporate avenger, curve, dark lotus, deadsy, deathride 69, deee-lite, depeche mode, dog fashion disco, dopo yume, dungeon family, duran duran, electro rock, electrorock, erotic golf, ethyl meatplow, eurythmics, evil mothers, faith no more, fear factory, folk implosion, frontline assembly, garbage, girls against boys, gravy train!!, gutter gurlz, handsome boy modeling school, hanzel und gretyl, hate dept, hellbent, him, insane clown posse, josie cotton, joy electric, julie ruin, kindey thieves, kmfdm, kottonmouth kings, ladytron, le tigre, linkin park, lolita storm, lollipop lust kill, lords of acid, lovage, mannequin porn, marilyn manson, meat beat manifesto, mindless self indulgence, missy elliot, mommy and daddy, n*e*r*d, new order, new wet kojak, nine inch nails, nitzer ebb, no doubt, oatmeal jockstrap, og panty complex, ohgr, ol' dirty bastard, outkast, peaches, peeping tom, pitchshifter, poe, pop will eat itself, prick, princess superstar, prodigy, pt grimm, rainbow pony princess, rasputina, razed in black, rob zombie, sister soliel, skinny puppy, smp, snake river conspiracy, sneaker pimps, static x, switchblade symphony, synth rock, tapping the vein, the cure, the damage manual, the faint, three 6 mafia, tricky, trs-80, twiztid, uncouth, vampire rodents, videodrone, waiting for god, white zombie, womenwholovepenguins.com, wu-tang clan